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>         Joined:
>         test=> explain analyze
>         test->    SELECT cli_name,order.*
>         test->               FROM order
>         test->               JOIN client ON (ord_client = cli_code)
>         test->              WHERE ord_batch='343B' AND
>         ord_id='12-645';
> where is the cli_code condition in the above query?

I don't understand the question. ord_client is the client code, and
cli_code is the client code, for their respective tables. batch/id is
unique, so there is only one record from order, and only one client to



 Reason might be comparing with a literal value (previous case) is cheaper than comparing with column(as it has to be evaluated).  But with the previous case getting and assigning the cli_code in the application and executing in db will be time consuming as it includes IPC cost.

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