Andrew McMillan wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 16:13 -0800, Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>>Ok, I finally got some test data together so that others can test
>>without installing SA.
>>The schema and test dataset is over at
>>I have a pretty fast machine with a tuned postgres and it takes it about
>>2 minutes 30 seconds to load the test data.  Since the test data is the
>>bayes information on 616 spam messages than comes out to be about 250ms
>>per message.  While that is doable, it does add quite a bit of overhead
>>to the email system.
> On my laptop this takes:
> real    1m33.758s
> user    0m4.285s
> sys     0m1.181s
> One interesting effect is the data in bayes_vars has a huge number of
> updates and needs vacuum _frequently_.  After the run a vacuum full
> compacts it down from 461 pages to 1 page.
> Regards,
>                                       Andrew.

I wonder why your laptop is so much faster.  My 2 min 30 sec test was
done on a dual xeon with a LSI megaraid with 128MB cache and writeback
caching turned on.

Here are my memory settings:

shared_buffers = 16384
work_mem = 32768
maintenance_work_mem = 65536

I tried higher values before I came back to these but it didn't help my
performance any.  I should also mention that this is a production
database server that was servicing other queries when I ran this test.

How often should this table be vacuumed, every 5 minutes?

Also, this test goes a bit faster with sync turned off, if mysql isn't
using sync that would be why it's so much faster.  Anyone know what the
default for mysql is?


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