A 4xDC would be far more sensitive to poor NUMA code than 2xDC so I'm not surprised I don't see performance issues on our 2xDC w/ < 2.6.12.

J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
On 7/30/05 12:57 AM, "William Yu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I haven't investigated the 2.6.12+ kernel updates yet -- I probably will
do our development servers first to give it a test.

The kernel updates make the NUMA code dual-core aware, which apparently
makes a big difference in some cases but not in others.  It makes some
sense, since multi-processor multi-core machines will have two different
types of non-locality instead of just one that need to be managed.  Prior to
the v2.6.12 patches, a dual-core dual-proc machine was viewed as a quad-proc

The closest thing to a supported v2.6.12 kernel that I know of is FC4, which
is not really supported in the enterprise sense of course.

J. Andrew Rogers

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