Jim C. Nasby wrote:

>I'm not sure who's responsible for DBI::Pg (Josh?), but would it make
>sense to add better support for bytea to DBI::Pg? ISTM there should be a
>better way of doing this than adding gobs of \'s.
It has support for binding a bytea parameter, but in this case we're
trying to build up an array and pass that into a stored procedure.  The
$dbh->quote() method for DBD::Pg lacks the ability to quote bytea
types.  There is actually a TODO note in the code about adding support
for quoting Pg specific types.  Presumabliy the difficulties we are
having with this would be solved by that, once it has been implemented. 
In the meantime, I believe it's just a matter of getting the right
escapes happen so that the procedure is inserting values that we can
later get via a select and using bind_param() with the PG_BYTEA type.


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