Qingqing Zhou wrote:

so, if I do a qry like "EXPLAIN ANALYZE select * from pridecdr where
idsede=8977758488" it tooks a lot of time before i get back any result:

Index Scan using prd_id_sede on pridecdr  (cost=0.00..699079.90
rows=181850 width=138) (actual time=51.241..483068.255 rows=150511
  Index Cond: (idsede = 8977758488::bigint)
Total runtime: 483355.325 ms

The query plan looks ok. Try to do EXPLAIN ANALYZE twice and see if there is
any difference. This could reduce the IO time to read your index/data since
you got enough RAM.

Also, if you haven't done VACUUM FULL for a long time, do so and compare the

Could also be libpq buffering all 150000 rows before showing any.

It might be worthwhile using a CURSOR and doing 1 FETCH. If that is quick, then buffering is probably the issue. BTW - do you really want all the rows?



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