Could these locking issues be related to the other changes I made? I'm really scared that this is related to choosing XFS, but I sure hope not. How should I go about troubleshooting the "problem" queries? They don't seem to be specific to a single table or single database.

My experience is that when this type of thing happens it is typically specific queries that cause the problem. If you turn on statement logging you can get the exact queries and debug from there.

Here are some things to look for:

Is it a large table (and thus large indexes) that it is updating?
Is the query using indexes?
Is the query modifying ALOT of rows?

Of course there is also the RTFM of are you analyzing and vacuuming?


Joshua D. Drake

I'm running 8.0.1 on kernel 2.6.12-3 on 64-bit Opterons if that  matters..


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