On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 03:36:31PM -0500, John A Meinel wrote:
> I'm having an odd case where my system is locking such that if I insert
> into a table during a transaction, if I start a new connection and
> transaction, it blocks while trying to do a similar insert until the
> first transaction is committed or rolled back.

Are there foreign keys here?  I can duplicate the problem easily with

-- session 1
create table a (a serial primary key);
create table b (a int references a);
insert into a values (1);

insert into b values (1);

-- session 2
insert into b values (1);
-- hangs

If I commit on session 1, session 2 is unlocked.

This is a known problem, solved in 8.1.  A workaround for previous
releases is to defer FK checks until commit:

create table b (a int references a initially deferred);

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