I have database of company data, and some of them is table of information about employees. I need each employee to have access only to his own row. Postgre cannot do this by system of privileges, because that can give privileges only to whole tables.

Possibility is to create a view for each employee that chooses only his data and give employee privileges to this view. But I am not sure if such number of views does not have some performance drawbacks or even if postgre can support it (I expect i can). I would need several tables protected like this and it can result in, say 1000 views in maximum.

Because access to DB will go through PHP information system, other possibility to protect data is to let IS connect as more privileged than user really is, but let it retrieve only data for that user.

View-approach seems far more clear than this, but im not sure if postgre can handle it without problems.

Thanks for any reply :-)

Petr Kavan
Database Development

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