On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 09:29:32AM +0200, Sebastian Hennebrueder wrote:
> I would like to test the performance of my Java/PostgreSQL applications
> especially when making full text searches.
> For this I am looking for a database with 50 to 300 MB having text fields.
> e.g. A table with books with fields holding a comment, table of content
> or example chapters
> or what ever else.

You could try the OMIM database, which is currently 100M
It contains both journal references and large sections of
'plain' text. It also contains a large amount of technical
terms which will really test any kind of soundex matching
if you are using that.


Unfortunately it only comes as a flat text file, but is
very easy to parse.

And if you start reading it, you'll probably learn quite
a lot of things you really didn't want to know!! :-D


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