> Well, you don't have to spend *quite* that much to get a decent storage
> array. :)

Yes, I'm just pointing out that it's only the extreme cases which are 
clear-cut.  Middle cases are a lot harder to define.  For example, we've 
found that on DBT2 running of a 14-drive JBOD, seperating off WAL boosts 
performance about 8% to 14%.  On DBT3 (DSS) seperate WAL (and seperate 
tablespaces) helps considerably during data load,but not otherwise.  So it 
all depends.

> That's a different creature from
> a data mining app that might really benefit from having additional
> spindles to accelerate read performance from indices much larger than
> RAM. 

Yes, although the data mining app benefits from the special xlog disk 
during ETL.  So it's a tradeoff.  

> At any rate, this just underscores the need for testing a 
> particular workload on particular hardware

Yes, absolutely.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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