We are having serious performance problems using JBOSS and PGSQL.

I’m sure the problem has to do with the application itself (and neither with JBOSS nor PGSQL) but the fact is that we are using desktop equipment to run both Jboss and Postgresql (An Athlon 2600, 1 Gb Ram, IDE HDD with 60 Mb/sec Transfer Rate), and the answers arise:

If we upgrade our hardware to a Dual Processor would the transactions per second increase significantly? Would Postgresql take advantage from SMP? Presumably yes, but can we do a forecast about the number of tps? What we need is a paper with some figures showing the expected performance in different environments. Some study about the “degree of correlation” between TPS and Number of Processors, Cache, Frequency, Word Size, Architecture, etc.

It exists something like this? Does anybody has experience about this subject?


Thanks in advance and best regards.


P.S. I’ve been looking at www.tpc.org but I could’t find anything valuable. 


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