Josh Berkus has already mentioned this as conventional wisdom as written by Oracle. This may also be legacy wisdom. Oracle/Sybase/etc has been around for a long time; it was probably a clear performance win way back when. Nowadays with how far open-source OS's have advanced, I'd take it with a grain of salt and do my own performance analysis. I suspect the big vendors wouldn't change their stance even if they knew it was no longer true due to the support hassles.

        Reinvent a filesystem... that would be suicidal.

Now, Hans Reiser has expressed interest on the ReiserFS list in tweaking his Reiser4 especially for Postgres. In his own words, he wants a "Killer app for reiser4". Reiser4 will offser transactional semantics via a special reiser4 syscall, so it might be possible, with a minimum of changes to postgres (ie maybe just another sync mode besides fsync, fdatasync et al) to use this. Other interesting details were exposed on the reiser list, too (ie. a transactional filesystems can give ACID guarantees to postgres without the need for fsync()).

        Very interesting.

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