On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 17:20 +1200, Guy Thornley wrote:
> As for the async IO, sure you might think 'oh async IO would be so cool!!'
> and I did, once, too. But then I sat down and _thought_ about it, and
> decided well, no, actually, theres _very_ few areas it could actually help,
> and in most cases it just make it easier to drive your box into lseek()
> induced IO collapse.
> Dont forget that already in postgres, you have a process per connection, and
> all the processes take care of their own I/O.

That's the problem.  Instead you want 1 or 4 or 10 i/o slaves
coordinating the I/O of all the backends optimally.  For instance, with
synchronous scanning.


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