I would like to know if the following kind of database client exists: I need a 
'select' query to be sent to say 10 db servers simultaneously in parallel 
(using threading), the results should be re-sorted and returned. For example I 
have a query: 'select * from table where parent_clname = 'parent' order by name 
limit 10'. Now this query has to be sent to 10 servers, and the maximum number 
of results would be 100. Now this 100 result set has to be re-sorted, out of 
which 90 has to be discarded, and the 10 has to be returned.

 Does such a solution exist now. To me this appears to be in entirety of what 
should constitute a database cluster. Only the search needs to be done on all 
the servers simultaneously at the low level. Once you get the results, the 
writing can be determined by the upper level logic (which can even be in a 
scripting language). But the search across many servers has to be done using 
proper threading, and the re-sorting also needs to be done fast. 

 Thanks a lot in advance.

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