Hi Chris.

Thanks for the answer.
Sorry that i was a bit unclear.

1) We update around 20.000 posts per night.

2) What i meant was that we suspect that the DBMS called PervasiveSQL
that we are using today is much to small. That's why we're looking for

Today we base our solution much on using querry-specific tables created
at night, so instead of doing querrys direct on the "post" table (with
4-6M rows) at daytime, we have the data pre-aligned in several much
smaller tables. This is just to make the current DBMS coop with our
amount of data.

What I am particulary interested in is if we can expect to run all our
select querrys directly from the "post" table with PostgreSQL.

3) How well does postgres work with load balancing environments. Is it

Best Regards
Robert Bengtsson
Project Manager

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