Arjen van der Meijden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> But appareantly there is a bug in the explain mechanism of the 8.1devel 
> I'm using (I downloaded a nightly 25 august somewhere in the morning 
> (CEST)), since it returned:
> ERROR:  bogus varno: 9

Yeah, someone else sent in a test case for this failure (or at least one
with a similar symptom) yesterday.  I'll try to fix it today.

> Is a nested loop normally so much (3x) more costly than a hash join? Or 
> is it just this query that gets estimated wronly?

There's been some discussion that we are overestimating the cost of
nestloops in general, because we don't take into account that successive
scans of the inner relation are likely to find many pages already in
cache from the earlier scans.  So far no one's come up with a good cost
model to use for this, though.

                        regards, tom lane

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