[Tom Lane]
> I looked into this and (...) I've committed some changes that hopefully will
> let 8.1 be smarter about GROUP BY ... LIMIT queries.

[Mark Kirkwood]
> Very nice :-)
> This is 8.1devel from today.

Splendid :-) Unfortunately we will not be upgrading for some monthes still,
but anyway I'm happy.  This provides yet another good argument for upgrading
sooner.  I'm also happy to see such a perfect match:

 - A problem that can be reduced from beeing complex and
   production-specific, to simple and easily reproducible.
 - Enthusiastic people testing it and pinpointing even more precisely what
   conditions will cause the condition
 - Programmers actually fixing the issue
 - Testers verifying that it was fixed
Long live postgresql! :-) 

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