Jeff Trout <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tracking ti down a bit timestamp_cmp_internal (The btree was made of  
> a timestamp & and int) was taking a large amount of time -  
> specifically all the calls it makes to isnan(x).  14.1% in __isnand  

Hmm, can you provide a test case for other people to poke at?

> Also, two things to note, one of which is quite important: On tiger  
> (10.4) PG compiles with NO OPTIMIZATION.  Probably a template file  
> needs to be updated.
> Panther seems to compile with -O2 though.

I see -O2 when building PG (CVS tip) on a fully up-to-date 10.4.2
machine.  Maybe something odd in your environment, like a preset
CFLAGS setting?

                        regards, tom lane

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