[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Markus Benne) writes:
> We have a highly active table that has virtually all
> entries updated every 5 minutes.  Typical size of the
> table is 50,000 entries, and entries have grown fat.
> We are currently vaccuming hourly, and towards the end
> of the hour we are seeing degradation, when compared
> to the top of the hour.

You're not vacuuming the table nearly often enough.

You should vacuum this table every five minutes, and possibly more
often than that.

[We have some tables like that, albeit smaller than 50K entries, which
we vacuum once per minute in production...]

> We are thinking of splitting the table in two: the part the updates
> often, and the part the updates infrequently as we suspect that
> record size impacts vacuum.

There's *some* merit to that.

You might discover that there's a "hot spot" that needs to be vacuumed
once per minute.

But it may be simpler to just hit the table with a vacuum once every
few minutes even though some tuples are seldom updated.
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