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> My application basically imports Apache log files into a Postgres
> database. Every row in the log file gets imported in one of three (raw
> data) tables. My columns are exactly as in the log file. The import is
> run approx. every five minutes. We import about two million rows a month.

Bizgres Clickstream does this job using an ETL (extract transform and load)
process to transform the weblogs into an optimized schema for reporting.
> After every import the data from the current day is deleted from the
> reporting table and recalculated from the raw data table.

This is something the optimized ETL in Bizgres Clickstream also does well.
> What do you think of this approach? Are there better ways to do it? Is
> there some literature you recommend reading?

I recommend the Bizgres Clickstream docs, you can get it from Bizgres CVS,
and there will shortly be a live html link on the website.

Bizgres is free - it also improves COPY performance by almost 2x, among
other enhancements.

- Luke 

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