On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 02:26:47PM -0700, Jeff Frost wrote:
> >Well I've got 1GB of RAM, but from analysis of its use, a fair amount
> >isn't being used. About 50% is actually in use by applications and about
> >half of the rest is cache and the rest isn't being used. Has this to do
> >with the max_fsm_pages and max_fsm_relations settings? I've pretty much
> >not touched the configuration and it's the standard Debian package.
> Matt, have a look at the annotated postgresql.conf for 7.x here:
> http://www.varlena.com/varlena/GeneralBits/Tidbits/annotated_conf_e.html
> If you have the default settings, you're likely hampering yourself quite a 
> bit.  You probably care about shared_buffers, sort_mem, 
> vacuum_mem, max_fsm_pages, effective_cache_size

That's a useful resource, thanks for the pointer. I'll work through that

> Also, you may want to read the  PostgreSQL 8.0 Performance Checklist.  Even 
> though it's for 8.0, it'll give you good ideas on what to change in 7.4.  
> You can find it here: http://www.powerpostgresql.com/PerfList/

Thanks, another good resource. I'll work through that too.


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