Simon Riggs wrote:
Returning to Matteo's original query, what we are saying is that the new
optimization for MIN/MAX queries doesn't work with inherited tables.
It could do, by running optimize_minmax_aggregates() for each query that
gets planned to see if a better plan exists for each child table.

I think that's a TODO item.

Great. Of course I'm using ORDER BY ... LIMIT as a workaround to get the index scan on pre-8.1, and because I'm used to it insted of the previously not optimized MIN/MAX aggregates.

Optimizing ORDER BY and LIMIT down looks like it would be harder to do
in the general case, even if Matteo's simple transform looks good. I'm
not sure it's a very common query type though...

If I can find some time, I'll try to write some hacks... I just need to find out where to start ;)

Best regards
Matteo Beccati

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