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> please help me ,
> comment on postgresql (8.x.x) performance on cpu AMD, INTEL
> and why i should use 32 bit or 64 cpu ? (what the performance difference)

Generally speaking, the width of your I/O bus will be more important
to performance than the width of the processor bus.

That is, having more and better disk will have more impact on
performance than getting a better CPU.

That being said, if you plan to have a system with significantly more
than 2GB of memory, there seem to be pretty substantial benefits to
the speed of AMD memory bus access, and that can be quite significant,
given that if you have a lot of memory, and thus are often operating
out of cache, and are slinging around big queries, THAT implies a lot
of shoving data around in memory.  AMD/Opteron has a way faster memory
bus than the Intel/Xeon systems.

But this is only likely to be significant if you're doing processing
intense enough that you commonly have >> 4GB of memory in use.

If not, then you'd better focus on I/O speed, which is typically
pretty independent of the CPU...
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