Guido Neitzer wrote:
> Hi.
> I have an interesting problem with the JDBC drivers. When I use a
> select like this:
> "SELECT t0.aktiv,, t0.ist_teilnehmer, t0.nachname, t0.plz,
> t0.vorname FROM public.dga_dienstleister t0 WHERE t0.plz  like
> ?::varchar(256) ESCAPE '|'" withBindings: 1:"53111"(plz)>
> the existing index on the plz column is not used.
> When I the same select with a concrete value, the index IS used.
> I use PostgreSQL 8.0.3 on Mac OS X and the JDBC driver 8.0-312 JDBC 3.
> After a lot of other things, I tried using a 7.4 driver and with  this,
> the index is used in both cases.
> Why can this happen? Is there a setting I might have not seen?
> Something I do wrong?
> cug

I've had this problem in the past. In my case, the issue was that the
column I was searching had a mixed blend of possible values. For
example, with 1M rows, the number 3 occurred 100 times, but the number
18 occurred 700,000 times.

So when I manually did a search for 3, it naturally realized that it
could use an index scan, because it had the statistics to say it was
very selective. If I manually did a search for 18, it switched to
sequential scan, because it was not very selective (both are the correct

But if you create a prepared statement, parameterized on this number,
postgres has no way of knowing ahead of time, whether you will be asking
about 3 or 18, so when the query is prepared, it has to be pessimistic,
and avoid worst case behavior, so it choses to always use a sequential scan.

The only way I got around this was with writing a plpgsql function which
used the EXECUTE syntax to dynamically re-plan part of the query.

Hope this makes sense. This may or may not be your problem, without
knowing more about you setup. But the symptoms seem similar.


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