Andrew, Matthew, thanks to you both four your advice. I'm sorry I couldn't 
provide more details to the situation, I will post again as soon I get them. 

Time to share your insights with the colleagues :)

Best Regards,

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For a database, I would almost always prioritize:
- I/O

So, fast drives (SCSI 10000RPM or better in a RAID configuration,  
more spindles == more throughput), then memory (more memory == more  
of the database off disk in cache == faster response), then more CPU  
(more concurrent request handling).


On 5-Sep-05, at 6:50 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  

> Hello,
> My company has decided to migrate our Oracle database to  
> postgresql8. We
> will aquire a new server for this, and would very much appreciate your
> advice.
> NOTE: The applications accessing the database are developed and
> maintained externally, and unfortunately, the developers have not yet
> given us detailed information on their requirements. The only info  
> I can
> give so far is that the database size is about 60GB, and that it  
> will be
> frequently accessed by multiple users (about 100 will be connected
> during business hours). The applications accessing the database are
> mostly reporting tools.
> I know that the performance question will ultimately boil down to "it
> depends what you want to do with it", but at the moment I'm very much
> interested if there are any general issues we should look out for.
> The questions we are asking us now are:
> 1) Intel or AMD (or alternate Platform)
> Are we better of with Xeons or Opterons? Should we consider the IBM
> OpenPower platform?
> 2) CPUs vs cache
> Would you rather have more CPUs or more cache? Eg: 4x Xeon 1MB vs 2x
> Xeon 8MB
> 3) CPUs vs Memory
> Would you rather have 4x CPUs and 8GB of memory, or 2x CPUs with  
> 16GB of
> memory?
> Thanks in advance for all your replies!
> Best Regards,
> Christian Kastner
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