> Hello.
> I would like to build a shared repository for Enterprise Architect
> (http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/ea.htm) using PostgreSQL. I have done
> before with Linux and FreeBSD servers and everything was working out
> the
> box. The repository is pretty simple database with less than 100
> (the
> schema is at
> http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/downloads/corp/Postgres_Basemodel.sql).
> The problem is that at the moment I have only a Windows XP "server" at
> disposal. I have installed PostgreSQL 8.0.3 for Windows and set the
> repository up. Unfortunately the performance is unacceptable: every
> operation with the model stored in the repository is by the order of
> magnitude slower than on the FreeBSD server with half as good
> (BTW CPU load is nearly 0, network load is under 5%, the machine has
> RAM and the database size is 14MB.)
> I have tried to:
> - tweak the postgresql.conf - no apparent change
> - kill all unnecessary services - no apparent change
> - install MySQL on the same machine to compare - it is as fast as
> PostgreSQL
>   on FreeBSD (= way faster than PG on the machine)
Can you give specific examples of cases that are not performing like you
expect?  If possible, give a few queries with explain analyze times and
all that.

Are you syncing your data?   Win32 fsync is about 1/3 as fast as linux
fsync, although this was changed to fsync_writethrough for clarification


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