* Brandon Black ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Ideally I'd like to commit the data seperately, as the data could contain 
> errors which abort the transaction, but it may come down to batching it and 
> coding things such that I can catch and discard the offending row and retry 
> the transaction if it fails (which should be fairly rare I would hope). I 

Don't really know if it'd be better, or worse, or what, but another
thought to throw out there is to perhaps use savepoints instead of full
transactions?  Not sure if that's more expensive or cheaper than doing
full commits but it might be something to consider.

> When I finally get all of this sorted out and working reasonably optimally, 
> I'll be sure to come back and report what techniques/settings did and didn't 
> work for this workload.

That'd be great, many thanks,


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