I have found JFS to be just fine.  We have been running a medium load on this server for 9 months with no unscheduled down time.  Datbase is about 30gig on disk, and we get about 3-4 requests per second that generate results sets in the thousands from about 8am to about 11pm.

I have foudn that JFS barfs if you put a million files in a directory and try to do an 'ls', but then so did reiser, only Ext3 handled this test succesfully.  Fortunately with a database, this is an atypical situation, so JFS has been fine for DB for us so far.

We have had severe problems with Ext3 when file systems hit 100% usage, they get all kinds of unhappy, we haven't had the same problem with JFS.

Alex Turner

On 9/20/05, Welty, Richard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Alex Turner  wrote:

> I would also recommend looking at file system.  For us JFS worked signifcantly
>  faster than resier for large read loads and large write loads, so we chose JFS
>  over ext3 and reiser.

has jfs been reliable for you? there seems to be a lot of conjecture about instability,
but i find jfs a potentially attractive alternative for a number of reasons.


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