Even for RAID5 ? it uses a bit more CPU for the parity calculations.

I honestly can't speak to RAID 5. I don't (and won't) use it. RAID 5 is a little brutal when under
heavy write load. I use either 1, or 10.

An advantage of software raid, is that if the RAID card dies, you have to buy the same one ; whether I think that you can transfer a bunch of software RAID5 disks to another machine if the machine they're in dies...

There is a huge advantage to software raid on all kinds of levels. If you have the CPU then I suggest it. However you will never get the performance out of software raid on the high level (think 1 gig of cache)
that you would on a software raid setup.

It is a bit of a tradeoff but for most installations software raid is more than adequate.


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