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> On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 10:06 -0700, Luke Lonergan wrote:
> Looking through tuplesort.c, I have a couple of initial ideas.  Are we
> allowed to fork here?  That would open up the possibility of using the
> CPU and the I/O in parallel.  I see that tuplesort.c also suffers from
> the kind of postgresql-wide disease of calling all the way up and down a
> big stack of software for each tuple individually.  Perhaps it could be
> changed to work on vectors.

> I think the largest speedup will be to dump the multiphase merge and
> merge all tapes in one pass, no matter how large M.  Currently M is
> capped at 6, so a sort of 60GB with 1GB sort memory needs 13 passes over
> the tape.  It could be done in a single pass heap merge with N*log(M)
> comparisons, and, more importantly, far less input and output.

Yes again, see above.
> I would also recommend using an external processes to asynchronously
> feed the tuples into the heap during the merge.

Simon Riggs is working this idea a bit - it's slightly less interesting to
us because we already have a multiprocessing executor.  Our problem is that
4 x slow is still far too slow.

> What's the timeframe for 8.2?

Let's test it out in Bizgres!
- Luke

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