Looks like it's definately an issue with index bloat. Note that it's
normal to have some amount of empty space depending on vacuum and update
frequency, so 15G -> 20G isn't terribly surprising. I would suggest
using pg_autovacuum instead of the continuous vacuum; it's very possible
that some of your tables need more frequent vacuuming than they're
getting now. If you go this route, you might want to change the default
settings a bit to make pg_autovacuum more agressive.

Also, I'd suggest posting to -hackers about the index bloat. Would you
be able to make a filesystem copy (ie: tar -cjf database.tar.bz2
$PGDATA) available? It might also be useful to keep an eye on index size
in pg_class.relpages and see exactly what indexes are bloating.

On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 09:07:07AM +0200, hubert depesz lubaczewski wrote:
> hi
> setup:
> postgresql 8.0.3 put on debian on dual xeon, 8GB ram, hardware raid.
> database just after recreation from dump takes 15gigabytes.
> after some time (up to 3 weeks) it gets really slow and has to be dump'ed
> and restored.
> as for fsm:
> end of vacuum info:
> INFO: free space map: 248 relations, 1359140 pages stored; 1361856 total
> pages needed
> DETAIL: Allocated FSM size: 1000 relations + 10000000 pages = 58659 kB
> shared memory.
> so it looks i have plenty of space in fsm.
> vacuums run constantly.
> 4 different tasks, 3 of them doing:
> while true
> vacuum table
> sleep 15m
> done
> with different tables (i have chooses the most updated tables in system).
> and the fourth vacuum task does the same, but without specifying table - so
> it vacuumes whole database.
> after last dump/restore cycle i noticed that doing reindex on all indices in
> database made it drop in side from 40G to about 20G - so it might be that i
> will be using reindex instead of drop/restore.
> anyway - i'm not using any special indices - just some (117 to be exact)
> indices of btree type. we use simple, multi-column, partial and multi-column
> partial indices. we do not have functional indices.
> database has quite huge load of updates, but i thought that vacum will guard
> me from database bloat, but from what i observed it means that vacuuming of
> b-tree indices is somewhat faulty.
> any suggestions? what else can i supply you with to help you help me?
> best regards
> depesz

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