I have seen similar performance as Josh and my reasoning is as follows:

* WAL is the biggest bottleneck with its default size of 16MB. Many people hate to recompile the code to change its default, and increasing checkpoint segments help but still there is lot of overhead in the rotation of WAL files (Even putting WAL on tmpfs shows that it is still slow). Having an option for bigger size is helpful to a small extent percentagewise (and frees up CPU a bit in doing file rotation)

* Growing files: Even though this is OS dependent but it does spend lot of time doing small 8K block increases to grow files. If we can signal bigger chunks to grow or "pre-grow" to expected size of data files that will help a lot in such cases.

* COPY command had restriction but that has been fixed to a large extent.(Great job)

But ofcourse I have lost touch with programming and can't begin to understand PostgreSQL code to change it myself.


Ron Peacetree wrote:

That 11MBps was your =bulk load= speed.  If just loading a table
is this slow, then there are issues with basic physical IO, not just
IO during sort operations.

As I said, the obvious candidates are inefficient physical layout
and/or flawed IO code.

Until the basic IO issues are addressed, we could replace the
present sorting code with infinitely fast sorting code and we'd
still be scrod performance wise.

So why does basic IO suck so badly?


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60GB/5400secs= 11MBps.  That's ssllooww.  So the first
problem is evidently our physical layout and/or HD IO layer

Actually, it's much worse than that, because the sort is only dealing with one column. As I said, monitoring the iostat our top speed was 2.2mb/s.


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