As I posted earlier, I'm looking for code to base a prototype on now.
I'll test it outside pg to make sure it is bug free and performs as
promised before I hand it off to the core pg developers.

Someone else is going to have to merge it into the pg code base
since I don't know the code intimately enough to make changes this
deep in the core functionality, nor is there enough time for me to
do so if we are going to be timely enough get this into 8.2
(and no, I can't devote 24x7 to doing pg development unless
someone is going to replace my current ways of paying my bills so
that I can.)


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Ron Peacetree wrote:

>The good news is all this means it's easy to demonstrate that we can
>improve the performance of our sorting functionality.
>Assuming we get the abyssmal physical IO performance fixed...
>(because until we do, _nothing_ is going to help us as much)

I for one would be paying more attention if such a demonstration were 
forthcoming, in the form of a viable patch and some benchmark results.



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