> Raising work_mem to a gig should result in about five runs, needing only
> one pass, which is really going to be as good as it gets.  If you could
> not see any difference then I see little hope for the idea that reducing
> the number of merge passes will help.

Right.  It *should have*, but didn't seem to.    Example of a simple sort 
test of 100 million random-number records

1M   3294 seconds
  16M   1107 seconds
  256M   1209 seconds
  512M   1174 seconds
  512M with 'not null' for column that is indexed  1168 seconds

> Umm ... you were raising maintenance_work_mem, I trust, not work_mem?


> We really need to get some hard data about what's going on here.  The
> sort code doesn't report any internal statistics at the moment, but it
> would not be hard to whack together a patch that reports useful info
> in the form of NOTICE messages or some such.

Yeah, I'll do this as soon as the patch is finished.   Always useful to 
gear up the old TPC-H.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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