R, Rajesh (STSD) wrote:
Am trying to port a mysql statement to postgres.

Please help me in finding the error in this,

Can I recommend the reference section of the manuals for this sort of thing? There is an excellent section detailing the valid SQL for the CREATE TABLE command.

Also - the pgsql-hackers list is for discussion of database development, and the performance list is for performance problems. This would be better posted on pgsql-general or -sql or -novice.


This line is causing the first error:
> ERROR:  relation "ai_id" already exists

That's because you've already successfully created the sequence, so it already exists. Either drop it and recreate it, or stop trying to recreate it.

CREATE TABLE badusers (
  id int DEFAULT nextval('ai_id') NOT NULL,
  UserName varchar(30),
  Date  datetime DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00' NOT NULL,

Well, "Date" is a type-name, "datetime" isn't and even if it was "0000-00-00" isn't a valid date is it?

  Reason varchar(200),
  Admin varchar(30) DEFAULT '-',
  KEY UserName (UserName),
  KEY Date (Date)

The word "KEY" isn't valid here either - are you trying to define an index? If so, see the "CREATE INDEX" section of the SQL reference.


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