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>First off, Mr. Trainor's response proves nothing about anyone or
>anything except Mr. Trainor.
Fair Enough.  I apologize for the inappropriately general statement.

>I'm going to offer an opinion on the caching topic.  I don't have
>any benchmarks; I'm offering a general sense of the issue based on
>decades of experience, so I'll give a short summary of that.
>I've been earning my living by working with computers since 1972,
~1978 for me.  So to many on this list, I also would be an "old fart".

<description of qualifications snipped>
I've pretty much spent my entire career thinking about and making
advances in RW distributed computing and parallel processing as
first a programmer and then a systems architect. 

>Now on to the meat of it. 
<excellent and fair handed overall analysis snipped>
I agree with your comments just about across the board.

I also agree with the poster(s) who noted that the "TLC factor" and the
2x every 18months pace of increasing HW performance and RAM capacity
make this stuff a moving target.

OTOH, there are some fundamentals that don't seem to change no
matter how far or fast the computing field evolves.

As usual, the proper answers involve finding a sometimes nontrivial
balance between building on known precedent and not being trapped
by doctrine.


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