> What kind of order of improvement do you need to see?

A lot since the load on the system is expected to increase by up to 100% over 
the next 6 months.

> What period are these number for? Were they collected over 1 hour, 1 day, 1
> month?

I thought I mentioned that in the earlier post but it was from a 2 hour 
period. It's a busy system.

> How much Cache do you have on the controller?

64Mbytes but I don't think that's an issue. As I mentioned in the first post 
the table that is the bottleneck has indexes on 15 columns and is seeing a 
lot of inserts, deletes and updates. The indexes are spread out over the 5 
mirrors but it's still a couple of writes per mirror for each operation. I'm 
going to order an SSD which should give us a lot more headroom than trying to 
rearrange the RAID setup.

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