collision: it's possible to either block updating transaction until index scan ends or discard index scan imediately and finish query using MVCC compliant scan

dead rows: this sounds like more serious counter-argument, I don't know much about dead records management and whether it would be possible/worth to make indexes matching live records when there's no transaction in progress on that table

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On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 11:24:05AM +0200, Cestmir Hybl wrote:
Isn't it possible (and reasonable) for these environments to keep track of
whether there is a transaction in progress with update to given table and
if not, use an index scan (count(*) where) or cached value (count(*)) to
perform this kind of query?

Even if there is no running update, there might still be dead rows in the
table. In any case, of course, a new update could always be occurring while
your counting query was still running.

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