Yes you're right it really bosst a little.
I want to improve the system performance. Are there any more tipps?

On this server runs only a webserver with php application which uses postgre Db. Should I give more memory to postgre? From what I noticed this is the most memory "needing" service from this system.


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A lot of them are too large.  Try:

Andy wrote:
Hi to all,
 I have the following configuration:
Dual Xeon 2.8 Ghz, 1G RAM and postgre 8.0.3 installed.
 Modified configuration parameters:
 max_connections = 100
 shared_buffers = 64000  # 500MB = 500 x 1024 x 1024 / (8 x 1024) (8KB)

shared_buffers = 10000

work_mem = 51200  # 50MB = 50 x 1024 KB

work_mem = 4096

maintenance_work_mem = 102400 # 50MB = 100 x 1024 KB
 checkpoint_segments = 10
 effective_cache_size = 25600 # 200MB = 50 x 1024 / 8
 client_min_messages = notice log_min_messages = notice
log_min_duration_statement = 2000
I get the feeling the server is somehow missconfigured or it does not work at full parameter. If I look at memory allocation, it never goes over 250MB whatever I do with the database. The kernel shmmax is set to 600MB. Database Size is around 550MB.

That's because you have work_mem set massively high. Remember that's PER SORT. If you have 10 queries running each doing 3 sorts that's 30x the work_mem right there.


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