"Federico Simonetti (Liveye)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I'm encountering a quite strange performance problem.

The problem stems from the horrid misestimation of the number of rows
fetched from detail0009:

> "                    ->  Seq Scan on detail0009  (cost=0.00..20500.11
> rows=26 width=1005) (actual time=453.000..5983.000 rows=53588 loops=1)"
> "                          Filter: ((txcontenttype ~~* '%html%'::text)
> AND ((vchost)::text ~~* '%www.%'::text))"

When the planner is off by a factor of two thousand about the number of
rows involved, it's not very likely to produce a good plan :-(

In the OR case the rowcount estimate is 6334, which is somewhat closer
to reality (only about a factor of 10 off, looks like), and that changes
the plan to something that works acceptably well.

Assuming that this is web-log data, the prevalence of www and html
together is hardly surprising, but PG's statistical mechanisms will
never realize it.  Not sure about a good workaround.  Does it make
sense to combine the two conditions into one?
        (vchost || txcontenttype) ilike '%www.%html%'

                        regards, tom lane

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