could you prepare excerption from your db (if possible), so I could
play myself ?

On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Craig A. James wrote:

Oleg wrote:
Did you consider *decreasing* SIGLENINT ? Size of index will diminish
and performance could be increased. I use in current project SIGLENINT=15

The default value for SIGLENINT actually didn't work at all. It was only by increasing it that I got any performance at all. An examination of the GIST indexes showed that most of the first level and many of the second level bitmaps were saturated.

tsearch2's index is a lossy index, read
so search results  should be rechecked !

Yes, thanks. We do indeed recheck the actual results. The tests I'm running are just on the raw index performance - how long does it take to "select ... where dockeys @@ to_tsquery(...)".

We have our TODO
and hope to find sponsorhips for fts project for 8.2 release.
Unfortunately, I didn't find spare time to package tsearchd for you,
it should certainly help you.

At this point we may not have time to try tsearchd, and unfortunately we're not in a position to sponsor anything yet.

My original question is still bothering me. Is it normal for a keyword that occurs in more than about 2% of the documents to cause such inconsistent performance? Is there any single thing I might look at that would help improve performance (like, do I need more memory? More shared memory? Different config parameters?)


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