Also Does Creating Temporary table in a function and not dropping them
affects the performance of the database?

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> I am having a confusion to the memory handling of postgreSQL.
> I rebooted my Server which is a PostgreSQL 8.0 Running on Redhat 9, 
> which is a Dual Xeon Server and 6 gig of memory.
> Of course there is not much memory still used since it is just restarted.
> But after a number of access to the tables the memory is being used 
> and it is not being free up. Actually after this access to the 
> database and the server is just idle
> The memory is still used up. I am monitoring this using the "free"
> command which gives me about 5.5 gig of used memory and the rest free.
I suppose you looked at the top row of the free output?

Because there the disk-cache is counted as "used"... Have a look at the
second row where buffers are counted as free, which they more or less are.

> Is there something that I should do to minimize and free up the used 
> memory?
No, the buffers make your database faster because they reduce direct disk

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