I guess, You should check, if a blob field and large object access is suitable for you - no escaping etc, just raw binary large objects.

AFAIK, PQExecParams is not the right solution for You. Refer the "Large object" section:

"28.3.5. Writing Data to a Large Object
The function
int lo_write(PGconn *conn, int fd, const char *buf, size_t len);writes len bytes from buf to large object descriptor fd. The fd argument must have been returned by a previous lo_open. The number of bytes actually written is returned. In the event of an error, the return value is negative."

Well, I read that large objects are kept in only ONE table. No matter what, only the LOID would be kept. I can't affor that since I hav lots of tables (using the image-album-app analogy, imagine that we have pictures from several cities, each one corresponding to a city, like Memphis_Photos, Chicago_Photos, etc.).

This is one major drawback, isn't it?


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