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> Hey all.
> Please point me to a place I should be looking if this is a common
> question that has been debated periodically and at great length
> already. :-)

You probably want to read:

Connection pooling might be another approach, since it should be possible
to reuse prepared statements when reusing a connection.

> I have a complex query. It's a few Kbytes large, and yes, I've already
> worked on reducing it to be efficient in terms of database design, and
> minimizing the expressions used to join the tables. Running some timing
> tests, I've finding that the query itself, when issued in full, takes
> around 60 milliseconds to complete on modest hardware. If prepared, and
> then executed, however, it appears to take around 60 milliseconds to
> prepare, and 20 milliseconds to execute. I'm not surprised. PostgreSQL
> is very likely calculating the costs of many, many query plans.

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