On Sun, 23 Oct 2005, Kishore B wrote:

> We need to insert into the bigger table almost for every second , through
> out the life time. In addition, we receive at least 200,000 records a day at
> a fixed time.
> We are facing a* critical situation because of the performance of the **
> database**.* Even a basic query like select count(*) from bigger_table is
> taking about 4 minutes to return.

Count(*) like that always scans the full table, but 4 minutes still sound
like a lot.  How often do you vacuum? Could it be that the disk is full of
garbage due to not enough vacuum?

A query like this can help find bloat:

 SELECT oid::regclass, reltuples, relpages FROM pg_class ORDER BY 3 DESC;

I assume to do updates and deletes as well, and not just inserts?

/Dennis Björklund

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