I am creating a temporary table in every function that I execute.
Which I think is bout 100,000 temporary tables a day.

What is the command for vacuuming these 3 tables?

Also I read about the auto vacuum of postgresql.
How can I execute this auto vacuum or the settings in the configuration?

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Hi Christian,

Christian Paul B. Cosinas wrote:

> Does Creating Temporary table in a function and NOT dropping them 
> affects the performance of the database?
I believe it will depend on how many temporary tables you will create in a
daily basis. We had a performance problem caused by them, and by not
monitoring properly the database size. The pg_attribite, pg_class and
pg_depend tables grow a lot. When I found out that this was the problem I
saw some messages in the list archieve, and now the overall performance is

What I do is daily run VACUUM FULL and REINDEX in this three tables.


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