There are a few ways to do this...thinking about it a bit, I would add a 
timestamp column to your log table (indexed) and keep a control table which 
keeps track of the last log print sweep operation.

The print operation would just do 
select * from log where logtime > (select lastlogtime());

The idea here is not to have to keep track of anything on the log table like a 
flag indicating print status, which will cause some bloat issues.  All you have 
to do is reindex once in a while.

lastlogtime() is a function which returns the last log time sweep from the 
control table.  we use a function declared immutable to force planner to treat 
as a constant (others might tell you to do different here).


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I have a table that holds entries as in a ficticious table Log(id integer, msg 
Lets say then that I have the program log_tail that has as it´s sole purpose to 
print newly added data elements.
What is the best solution in terms of performace?
Thank you for your time,

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