> We are running some performance tests in which we are attempting to
> insert about 100,000,000 rows in a database at a sustained rate.  About
> 50M rows in, our performance drops dramatically.
> This test is with data that we believe to be close to what we will
> encounter in production.  However in tests with purely generated,
> sequential data, we did not notice this slowdown.  I'm trying to figure
> out what patterns in the "real" data may be causing us problems.
> I have log,data and indexes on separate LUNs on an EMC SAN.  Prior to
> slowdown, each partition is writing at a consistent rate.  Index
> partition is reading at a much lower rate.  At the time of slowdown,
> index partition read rate increases, all write rates decrease.  CPU
> utilization drops.

I'm doing some test-inserts (albeit with much fewer records) into
8.0.4 (on FreeBSD 6.0 RC1) and the import-time decreased three-fold
when I increased the below mentioned values:

shared_buffers = 8192
commit_delay = 100000
commit_siblings = 1000

When I increased shared_buffers the kernel needed minor tweaking.


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