> Postgresql 8.0.4 using plpgsql
> The basic function is set up as:
> CREATE FUNCTION add_data(t_row mytable) RETURNS VOID AS $func$
>     newtable text;
>     thesql text;
>     INSERT INTO newtable thename from mytable where lookup.id =
> t_row.id;
>     thesql := 'INSERT INTO ' || newtable || VALUES (' || t_row.* ')';
>     EXECUTE thesql;
>     RETURN;
> END;
> $func$ LANGUAGE plpgsql VOLATILE;
> SELECT add_data(t.*) FROM mytable t where ....
> ERROR:  column "*" not found in data type mytable
> Now I have tried to drop the * but then there is no concatenation
> function to join text to a table%ROWTYPE. So my question is how can I
> make this dynamic insert statement without listing out every
> t_row.colname? Or, alternatively, is there a better way to parse out
> each row of a table into subtables based on a column value?

I don't think it's possible.  Rowtypes, etc are not first class yet (on
to do).  What I would do is pass the table name, where clause, etc into
the add_data function and rewrite as insert...select and do the whole
thing in one operation.


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