Here are the configuration of our database server:
        port = 5432
        max_connections = 300
        superuser_reserved_connections = 10
        authentication_timeout = 60     
        shared_buffers = 48000   
        sort_mem = 32168
        sync = false

Do you think this is enough? Or can you recommend a better configuration for
my server?

The server is also running PHP and Apache but wer'e not using it
extensively. For development purpose only. 

The database slow down is occurring most of the time (when the memory free
is low) I don't think it has something to do with vacuum. We only have a
full server vacuum once a day.

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> I just noticed that as long as the free memory in the first row (which 
> is 55036 as of now) became low, the slower is the response of the 
> database server.

Also, how about posting your postgresql.conf (or just the non-default
parameters) to this list?

Some other stuff that could be relevant:

- Is the machine just a database server, or does it run (say) Apache + Php?
- When the slowdown is noticed, does this coincide with certain activities -
e.g, backup , daily maintenance, data load(!) etc.



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